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University of Warwick

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University of Warwick
Warwick University.jpeg
University Information
Location: Coventry, England
Club Name: Warwick Esports.jpeg
Club President:
Organization Type:
Esports Supported:
Number of Members: 120
Social Media & Links
Created: Summer 2017
Disbanded: }}


The University of Warwick is a public research university located in Coventry, England. It was created in 1965 in order to expand higher education. The University is well known all around the world to many major institutions and employers. It is ranked in the top 10 of all British Universities. They are ranked 7th in research in all of the UK. The University is well known for its name as the university with the joint second highest graduate employment rate of any other UK university. The University collaborates with other countries like New York University, and it has many commercial services such as University of Warwick Science Park and the Warwick Manufacturing Group. [[1]]

Warwick Esports is a student run united brand for Esports within the University. They are supported by the Warwick Students' Union and are working on bringing in all other video game societies into the Students' Union. They are one of the most dominant Esports clubs in the UK, regularly placing 1st or 2nd in the UK University Esports league.

Culture of the Club

They aim to run 2 LAN events and 2 social events every semester. They have brought in sponsors to provide rewards for winners of the tournaments on LAN nights, and other activities like Esports gaming quizzes.


Player Roster


ID Name Position
United Kingdom In-Game Name Sam Hine President
United Kingdom In-Game Name Eric Auyang Secretary
United Kingdom In-Game Name Charlie Smith Marketing Secretary
United Kingdom In-Game Name Ehan Bae Treasurer
United Kingdom In-Game Name Maryam Rouse Social Secretary
United Kingdom In-Game Name Alex Barter Broadcasting Secretary
United Kingdom In-Game Name Harsha Hundal Esports Representative
United Kingdom In-Game Name Sam Harrod R6S Coordinator
United Kingdom In-Game Name George B-W OW Coordinator
United Kingdom In-Game Name Henry S-B RL Coordinator
United Kingdom In-Game Name Patrick MacCourt CS:GO Coordinator
United Kingdom In-Game Name Thomas McGowan Fortnite Coordinator

University Achievements

  • 2018
In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2018-8-20 A11st NUEL Summer Finals 2018 2018 College League of Legends 2 : 0 Logo std2.png Lancaster Bombers uknown
2018-5-2 A11st NSEI 2018 3 : 0 Logo std2.png UCL £15 Blizzard credit
2018-4-28 A11st NUEL Spring Finals 2018 3 : 1 Logo std2.png Lancaster Bombers ROG keyboard, tickets to insomnia ,ECS VIP finals tickets.
2018-4-12 A11st NUEL Community Tournament 0 : 0 unknown
2018-3-20 A11st Arrow League Season 1 1 : 0 unknown
2018-3-18 A11st King of the North 2018 2 : 0 Logo std2.png Lancaster Bombers £200
2017-12-2 A22nd USL Season 1 0 : 1 Logo std2.png Warwick University unknown
2017-11-25 A22nd FragSoc 2017 0 : 1 Logo std2.png Lancaster Bombers unknown
2017-7-28 A22nd UEM 2017 0 : 1 Logo std2.png Portuguese university team unknown
2017-3-25 A11st NUEL Live 2017 3 : 0 Logo std2.png Aston Yellowtails paid trip to the EULCS finals in Germany 2017

Notable Alumni

  • Ness -Hearthstone Player - CS ('15-'18)
  • Beesa - DotA 2 Player - Mathematics ('11-'14)


Articles & Interviews


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