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Becker College

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Becker College
University Information
Location: Worcester, MA
Club Name: Becker College Varsity Esports Program
Club President: Timothy Loew
Organization Type: Officially recognized & sponsored by non-athletics dept
Esports Supported:
Number of Members:
Social Media & Links
Created: 2018
Disbanded: }}


Becker has had an active club for a number of years. That activity led to the develpment of a scholarship-awarding carsity program in 2018.

Player Roster

League of Legends Blue Team

Real Name IGN Position
Andrew Beaulieu
Brandon Coulombe
Tyler Godfroy
James Rankin
Brandon Stempler Captain

League of Legends White Team

Real Name IGN Position
Alice Ayres
Reese Dikmak
Joseph Frangiosa Captain
Matthew Guerin
Jacob Siegel

Smite Blue Team

Real Name IGN Position
Austin Albertson
Marco Diaz II
Jeffrey "Jefe" Lopera Captain
Nick Marino
Edwin Ordway

Current & upcoming competitions

  • Fall 2018 & Winter/Spring 2019 CSL JV1 - LoL White
  • Winter/Spring 2019 CLoL - LoL Blue
  • Winter/Spring 2019 NACE Smite Gem & Crystal Cup - Smite Blue

Past Competitions

  • Fall 2018 Upsurge ML – LoL Blue
  • Fall 2018 NACE Championship for SMITE – SMITE Blue
  • Fall 2018 CSL CLOL Pre-Season – LoL Blue
  • Fall 2018 TESPA Overwatch – Club
  • Fall 2018 Boston Uprising Collegiate Cup – Club
  • Spring 2018 AVGL Collegiate LoL – Club
  • Winter 2017-2018 CSL JV1 – Club
  • Fall 2017 Becker College Saturday Summit – Club

Becker hosted Emerson College, Brown University and University of Oregon


Real Name IGN Position
Timothy Loew General Manager

University Achievements